Conservatives #PickRick!

February 24, 2016 | Share —

Conservative leaders from across Texas and even the nation agree that the Texas Supreme Court needs a Constitutional Watchdog on the bench! #PickRick for Texas Supreme Court on March 1st or today during early voting. “Like” and “Share” this video if you agree! Our thanks to the courageous conservatives like Dr. James Dobson, David Barton,… Continue →

Ted Cruz and Rick Green on the Reason to Run

February 8, 2016 | Share —

After these comments from Sen. Cruz on why he is sacrificing and serving, I knew we had to say yes to the conservative leaders drafting me to run for Texas Supreme Court.  

Are You Registered to Vote?

January 31, 2016 | Share —

My son Rhett shares the shocking news that only 1 out of 10 Texans vote in the primary. What happened to the other 9? Monday, Feb. 1st, is your last chance to register to vote! Our ancestors bled and died for our right to vote. Head over to so you can let your voice be… Continue →

Ted Cruz and Rick Green on Servant Leadership

January 27, 2016 | Share —

Ted Cruz and I discuss the importance of faith and servant leadership. This is what separates patriots from politicians. His comments are a great reminder to ALL candidates for every office to serve for the right reasons. We had a chance to talk about these things before I was a candidate, but it really applies… Continue →

Ray Comfort Endorsement!

January 20, 2016 | Share —

We asked my good friend and Christian evangelist Ray Comfort what he thought about the race for Texas Supreme Court and you’ll never believe what he said!

The Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

January 20, 2016 | Share —

Here’s a 2 minute sneak peek of when my family investigated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. last year by visiting the church where he grew up and learned to preach. We also visited that Birmingham jail cell where he wrote the letter that impacted the world. Joined by his niece, Dr. Alveda… Continue →

Rick Green Campaign Announcement

January 10, 2016 | Share —

It’s official. Just filed. We are answering the call to restore our Constitutional Republic and strengthen our separation of powers. I’ll be your Constitutional Watchdog on the Texas Supreme Court. Please join us at