As a former state legislator and constitutional scholar trained to defend our nation’s founding principles, Rick Green is exactly the kind of justice we need serving on the Texas Supreme Court. He walks in the legacy of our Founding Fathers.

Chuck Norris

I encourage Texans to take a stand for the Constitution and for family values by electing Rick Green to the Texas Supreme Court.

Dr. James Dobson

Christian Author & Speaker, Founder of Focus on The Family and Family Talk

Rick Green understands the proper role of courts and upholds the Constitution rather than governs around it. He will not legislate from the bench and will lead in a way that prevents courts from exceeding their power. I encourage Texans to take a stand for the Constitution and for family values by electing Rick Green to the Texas Supreme Court.

Sid Miller

Texas Agriculture Commissioner and former State Representative for the 59th district

Rick Green has a thoroughly conservative worldview and a solid understanding of the original intent of the Constitution — especially concerning the limited role of the Judiciary. Texans need his understanding of limited government, constitutional jurisdictions, and separation of powers brought to the Texas Supreme Court.

David Barton

Founder & President of WallBuilders

Candidates in judicial elections deserve an extra layer of scrutiny. Too often, judicial supremacists have rewritten our laws and forced unwanted policies on the public. Voters must look at the philosophy and records of candidates before offering their support. Rick Green is a stellar candidate for the Texas Supreme Court. He values our constitutional system and the proper role of the judiciary. He promoted conservative principles in the legislature, where he received an Eagle Forum Freedom and Family Award, and continues to do so as a speaker and advocate. We can count on Rick to uphold the rule of law and not legislate from the bench. Texans who care about the separation of powers, obeying the Constitution, and defending our liberties should support Rick Green for the state Supreme Court.

The Late Phyllis Schlafly

Founder/Chairman of Eagle Forum (Endorsement in 2016)

I wholeheartedly support Rick Green. He’s demonstrated over and over and over that he not only understands the underlying principles of the Constitution and our founding fathers, but he’s willingly stood up for those principles, even when it wasnt’ popular. I think Rick would be a perfect choice for Texas Supreme Court. I know that he is a good man with integrity, the right worldview, and courage. He’ll keep his eye on the prize and fight the good fight to defend my liberties and yours.

Kirk Cameron

Author, Speaker, and Co-Founder of The Firefly Foundation

Rick strongly believes that a parent’s right to direct the education and upbringing of their children is a fundamental right protected under the Constitution.

Tim Lambert

Chairman of Texas Home School Coalition PAC

Rick has spent decades defending religious liberty and teaching founding principles. I support Rick because he brings the constitutional perspective and experience that we need on the Supreme Court.

Kelly Shackelford

CEO Liberty Institute and Constitutional Lawyer

Rick has worked tirelessly, training scores of youth for civic engagement and equipping them to defend their faith, their freedoms, and their families.  As a Supreme Court Justice, Rick will continue this advocacy by limiting the overreach of government and promulgating the Constitution. Rick has demonstrated his belief in the sanctity of innocent human life, and no shadow or penumbra can change that. Rick Green shares the values of Texas Right to Life, and we are confident that he will be another fair-minded scholar on the court.

Jim Graham

President, Texas Right to Life

Texans have a unique opportunity to elect a Supreme Court Justice in whom we have absolute confidence he is rock solid on parental rights and defending the Constitution.

Michael Farris

Founder/Chairman of Home School Legal Defense Assocation (HSLDA) and Founder/Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Constitutional Lawyer

I’m a friend of Rick Green. As an American citizen, as an individual, I support Rick. We need men like him in our high court systems. Men who will protect our religious liberties.

Ray Comfort

Author, Speaker, and Founder/CEO of Living Waters

Rick Green meets the criteria for a distinguished jurist – he is a person of strong character. He is a patriotic American. He is a strict constructionist. He has the ability and the integrity to apply the law to a specific set of facts without abusing the court’s authority, and he will ensure our laws serve justice, while holding firmly to the underpinnings of the Texas and US Constitutions. Because he will not ignore the rule of law to make politically correct, socially acceptable decisions, we strongly endorse Rick Green for the Texas Supreme Court.

JoAnn Fleming

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC

In the years ahead, we can be sure that the Texas Supreme Court will decide on numerous matters of great importance to the state. I am confident that Rick Green is the right man for the job in this race for Texas Supreme Court. I am pleased to offer my endorsement and will urge those who care about the future of liberty in Texas and in our nation to support Rick as well.

Lt. Gen. William G. (Jerry) Boykin

Former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence & Executive Vice President at the Family Research Council

Rick Green has the right judicial philosophy and will be a great Supreme Court Justice for Texas. Rick understands the proper role of the courts and original intent of the Founding Fathers, we need more judges like him.

Mathew Staver

Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel, Professor and former Dean of Law, Liberty University School of Law

Rick Green proved himself as a solid conservative while serving in the Texas House. Now we need him on the Supreme Court to defend the separation of powers and restore constitutional jurisdictions.

Cathie Adams

President of Texas Eagle Forum

Rick Green has earned my trust and support by being a solid conservative. His record of standing up for pro-life issues in Texas is unwavering and electing him to the Texas Supreme Court will be a great win for Texas.

Carol Everett

President of the Heidi Group

Rick Green is the type of principled leader and lawyer that we need on the Texas Supreme Court. Rick Green is not afraid to do what’s right to defend our Texas and U. S. Constitution and to defend our Texas values of faith, family, and freedom. As more and more lower level state court judges choose to legislate from the bench, we need Rick Green on the Texas Supreme Court to reject this judicial activism, reverse these rogue decisions, and hold judges accountable.

Jonathan Saenz

President of Texas Values

We endorse our friend Rick Green for Texas Supreme Court. Right now, epecially with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, we understand that Supreme Court Justices both at the federal level and at the state level are vital to our Constitutional Republic. That’s who Rick Green is.

Benham Brothers

Former MLB Baseball Players, Flip It Forward hosts, Whatever the Cost authors

Would you like to endorse Rick either personally or as an organization? Endorse him right here!

Texas State Senators and Representatives

Sen. Bob Hall – District 2 (Dallas, Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Rockwall, Van Zandt counties) and former President of Canton County Tea Party
“Rick Green’s teaching on the Constitution helped build the Tea Party across Texas. He is a battle tested conservative who remains consistent in constitutional principles no matter which way the winds blow. We need him on the Texas Supreme Court.”

Sen. Don Huffines – District 16 (Dallas county)

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst –  District 18 (Aransas, Austin, Burleson, Calhoun, Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Fort Bend, Goliad, Gonzales, Harris, Jackson, Lee, Matagorda, Nueces, Re fugio, Victoria,Waller, Washington counties)
“Rick Green will exercise judicial restraint and help restore separation of powers by keeping the court in its proper place. Texans need his constitutional expertise on the Supreme Court.”

Sen. Brian Birdwell – District 22 (Bosque, Ellis, Falls, Hill, Hood, Frio, Johnson, McLennan, Navarro, Somervell, Tarrant counties)

Sen. Donna Campbell – District 25 (Bexar, Travis, Comal, Hays, Kendall counties)
“Rick Green is a defender of our constitution and has a history of fighting for our freedoms,” Senator Campbell said. ‘Rick understands the need for judicial discretion and that no foreign laws should ever trump Texas or American law. We need a constitutional watchdog in Austin and that’s why I’m asking my friends to pick Rick for Texas Supreme Court Place 5.'”

Rep. Dan Flynn – District 2 (Hopkins, Hunt, Van Zandt counties)

Rep. Cecil Bell Jr. – District 3 (Montgomery, Waller counties)

Rep. Stuart Spitzer – District 4 (Henderson, Kaufman counties)

Rep. Matt Schaefer – District 6 (Smith county)

Rep. Mark Keough –  District 15 (Montgomery county)

Rep. Rick Miller – District 26 (Fort Bend county)

Rep Scott Turner – District 33 (Collin, Rockwall counties)

Rep. Jason Isaac – District 45 (Blanco, Hays counties)

Rep. Molly White – District 55 (Bell county)

Rep. Phil King – District 61 (Parker, Wise counties)

Rep. Ron Simmons – District 65 (Denton county)

Rep. Matt Shaheen – District 66 (Collin county)

Rep. Jeff Leach – District 67 (Collin county)

Rep. James Frank – District 69 (Archer, Baylor, Clay, Foard, Knox, Wichita counties)

Rep. Scott Sanford – District 70 (Collin county)

Rep. Jonathan Stickland – District 92 (Tarrant county)

Rep. Matt Krause – District 93 (Tarrant county)
“He works hard to ensure that they are taught traditional Texas values, free enterprise, and the proper role of government, including the courts. He isn’t just concerned about the next election; he thinks about the next generation. That’s why he has my full support.”

Rep. Bill Zedler – District 96 (Tarrant county)

Rep. Pat Fallon – District 106 (Denton county)

Rep. Matt Rinaldi – District 115 (Dallas county)

Former Rep. Charlie Howard – District 26 (Fort Bend county)

Former Rep. Ken Mercer – District 117 (Bexar county) Current State Board of Education Member – District 5 (Blanco, Caldwell, Comal, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Llano, Mason, San Saba, Bexar, Travis counties)
“My good friend Rick Green is a conservative we can count on. I’ve been in the trenches with Rick for years – and I know he will not bend to political pressure or the winds of pop culture, but will defend our constitution no matter the costs.”

Tea Party Leaders and Founders

Sen. Bob Hall – District 2 (Dallas, Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Rockwall, Van Zandt counties) and former President of Canton County Tea Party
“Rick Green’s teaching on the Constitution helped build the Tea Party across Texas. He is a battle tested conservative who remains consistent in constitutional principles no matter which way the winds blow. We need him on the Texas Supreme Court.”

Chuck Mears – Founder and Organizer of Upshur County Grassroots Tea Party
“As founder and organizer of the Upshur County Grassroots Teaparty it is my honor to endorse Rick Green for the Texas Supreme Court. Rick has consistently demonstrated his devotion to constitutional and conservative principles.”

Sharon Hall – Founder of San Antonio Tea Party

Julie McCarty – President of North East Tarrant Tea Party
“A couple months ago I received a pretty strong compliment. Someone I respect in statewide politics said to me, ‘Julie, I admire the way you seem to immediately be able to cut to the heart of a candidate and pick the right one.’ I had to confess to him the one time I endorsed the wrong candidate and lived to regret it. It was for Texas Supreme Court of all things. I based my decision on a friendship (never do that) and endorsed the candidate running against Rick Green. Though that candidate did win, it wasn’t until it was too late that I learned some disturbing facts that just made me sick to my stomach. It’s been 6 years and I still have regrets over whatever influence I had in that vote. Well, guess what? I can finally make it right! Rick Green is running for Texas Supreme Court again, and you’d better believe I will get it right this time! He has my full endorsement, and I’m sure he has many of yours as well. This race is Green vs Green, so make sure you pick Rick!”

Dean Wright – Austin Tea Party, New Revolution Now, New Revolution Now PAC
“Rick’s profound understanding of our founding documents and ability to articulate them along with his deep faith in God and love for our state and our country make him eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court of Texas.”

Pat Tibbs – President of Montgomery County Tea Party
“Today I am so proud to be able to endorse someone I believe is a true patriot and friend. A man who loves God, his family, Texas and our Country. He is a man who understands what our forefathers meant when writing the constitution. I am happy to endorse Rick Green to be the next Texas Supreme Court Justice for position 5. Please Vote for Texas, vote For Rick.”

Fred Blanton – Spring Tea Party
“I personally endorsed you at the Pct. Chair of 263 and you are on the “Recommended List” of The Spring Tea Party.”

David Wilson – Director, Cypress Texas Tea Party
“Rick Green is a Constitutional Patriot who has proven his credentials through his actions in training others. We need more Patriots like Rick willing to serve in government with a Constitutional perspective always being the primary standard [for] all decision making.”

Kelly Canon – Vice President, Arlington Tea Party
“Rick Green brings enthusiasm and a vast knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Texas Constitution. His passion for these great documents is breathtaking, and I have every confidence that he will uphold and defend it every day as a State Supreme Court Justice! He has my full support, and personal endorsement! PICK RICK!”

Michael Kinzie – TEAParty911.com founder

Camille Johnson – President, Carrollton Tea Party

Jeff Sadighi – Chairman Southeast Texas TEA Party  2012-present

Stacy McMahan – Longview Tea Party, Organizer; Conservative Blogger

Karen Albright – Chairman/President of Freestone County Tea Party

Group/Organizations that endorse Rick

Austin Tea Party

Christian Attorneys for Texans PAC

Collin County Conservative Republicans

Conservative Coalition of Harris County

Conservative Republicans of Texas

Denton County Conservative Coalition

Eagle Forum

Fort Bend Christian Magazine

Grassroots America – We the People

Grassroots McKinney PAC

Katy Christian Magazine

Kaufmann County Tea Party

Llano Tea Party

Montgomery County Tea Party

North Texas Conservative Coalition

Patriot Texas Conservative Activists

Spring Tea Party

Tarrant County 912 Action PAC

Tarrant Republican Club PAC

Texans for Toll-free Highways

Texas Conservative Digest

Texas Home School Coalition PAC

Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) – Heath Wester (President, Texas Municipal Police Association
“TMPA is proud to endorse Rick Green in his candidacy for the Texas Supreme Court”

Texas Right to Life PAC

Texas Values Action

Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT)

Conservative Leaders

Judge Paul Pressler – former state representative, retired state district and appellate court judge in Houston
“Having studied the Supreme Court since I was a youth over 65 years ago, I know what type of justices the court needs. Based on my experience, I believe Rick Green will make an outstanding justice and I support him strongly.”

Judge Rene Diaz – Retired District Judge
“Rick Green is exactly the kind of Justice we need on the Texas Supreme Court today. No one else brings the practical business experience, legislative knowledge, and the sound constitutional perspective of someone who knows the proper role of the judiciary, to safeguard the foundation of our liberty.”

Rep. Tim Dukes – Republican Representative in the Delaware House

Sue Evenwel – Texas SREC SD 1 (Bowie, Camp, Cass, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Lamar, Marion, Morris, Panola, Red River, Rusk, Smith, Titus, Wood, Upshur counties)

Mark Ramsey – Texas SREC SD 7 (Harris county)

Tanya Robertson – Texas SREC SD 11 (Brazoria, Galveston, Harris counties)

Kathy Haigler – 1999-2008 SREC SD11, 2008-2010 RPT Secretary, Current Caldwell County Chairman

Jean McIver – Texas SREC SD 12 (Denton, Tarrant counties)

Gail Stanart – Texas SREC SD 15 (Harris county)

Virginia Prodan – Texas SREC SD 16 (Dallas county)

Mark McCaig – Former Texas SREC SD 18 (Aransas, Austin, Burleson, Calhoun, Colorado, DeWitt, Fayette, Fort Bend, Goliad, Gonzales, Harris, Jackson, Lee, Matagorda, Nueces, Re fugio, Victoria,Waller, Washington counties)
“Rick Green has spent many years fighting in the trenches for conservative values and is unafraid to stand up to powerful special interests, oftentimes at considerable personal and political cost. As a constitutional scholar, Rick understands the fundamental importance of the proper role of the judiciary and can be trusted not to legislate from the bench.”

Terri DuBose – Texas SREC SD 19 (Atascosa, Bexar, Brewster, Crockett, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Kinney, Maverick, Medina, Pecos, Real, Reeves, Terrell, Uvalde, Val Verde, Zavala counties)
“It is an honor to endorse a Godly, Constititionalist servant of the people.”

Stephen Broden – Texas SREC SD 23 (Dallas county) Pastor Fair Park Bible Fellowship ,President Protect Life and Marriage Texas
“There is a need for competent qualified men and women who know and understand the constitution, and their role as elected patriots to serve the interest of “we the people” Rick Green is one such person. I am convinced Rick Green understands the urgency of the hour and will serve to arrest the rapid demise that’s facing our nation and our courts. We must support Mr. Green”

Ron Agnew – Texas Pct, Chair #146 Travis County
“Best candidate for the job”

Alex W. McCoy – Harris County GOP Precinct Chair 876

Bill Daley – Texas Pct, Chair #2303 (Interlochen, Oaks, Loch’n’Green)

Suzanne Guggenheim – Co-Founder of Texas Patriots PAC

Curtis McCaffity – Tarrant Republican Club PAC Director

Dr. Rick Scarborough – Pastor and Founder and President of Vision America

Ann Hettinger – State Director of Concerned Women for America of Texas

Greg Terra – President, Texas Center for Defense of Life
“Fiscally and socially conservative.”

Pratt on Texas

Cindy Asmussen – Legislative Director, Concerned Women for America of Texas
“I am proud to endorse Rick Green for Texas Supreme Court.   Rick has a long history of fighting for true conservative values in every area he has served.  I know he will work hard to defend life, our constitutional liberties, and serve with honesty and integrity.  Texas needs Rick Green for the Texas Supreme Court.”

Dan Panetti – Prestonwood Christian Academy Worldview Director
“I’ve known Rick since law school – he’s not only a brilliant legal mind, he’s a man of character and integrity who loves this great state and country. Looking forward to having him on our Texas Supreme Court. Blessings to you, Rick!”

Tommy Frankovich – Former Mayor, League City
“I want to support someone who knows the Constitution and upholds the rule of law and Biblical principles.”

Stuart and Kathy Lane – DFW Conservative Voters

Maria Espinoza – Co-founder & National Director of The Remembrance Project and candidate for Texas Congressional District 7

Karen Marsalis – President of Panola County Conservatives

What supporters are saying about Rick

Caron Yelsma – Retired
“Constitutional conservative. Courageous. Willing to give up a prosperous livelihood for a questionable future.”

Lisa Moose
“I glean from your work with wall builders and I have been praying for our Countries survival and for Godly leaders. This is an answer to prayer. Praise God thank you for your service and tell your kids thank you for recognizing we need you desperately.”

Brent Muecke – Born Texan
“I like his knowledge and what his goal would be on the Supreme Court. Need to stick to our Constitution.”

Chris Shindler – Small Business Owner
“I have known and followed Rick for the past 11 years. He is a principled constitutionalist conservative who has committed his life to making Texas the Greatest example in the Union. I fully support Rick for Supreme Court.”

Roland Chick
“Rick embodies character and integrity, his example of true leadership is inspiring.
Blessings, Bullseye “

Pat Tarzwell
“It is up to us, We The People, to fix our broken government, and that will require Godly men, men who understand where our rights come from.  Rick is one such person.”

Tom Barbee
“Rick’s kids are right, (even though the seed of thought originates from him), we can’t just talk about why government is at fault. We need to ‘serve’ the public where the opportunity arises. This example will put a beautiful music to the words he has so diligently put together. Get me a superintendent job in Texas, and I’ll move there to help him campaign!”

Mark Huffman – Program Manager
“Rick is a man who loves the Lord, loves this country, and loves his fellow-citizens. He will serve with integrity. I am thankful that he is running for this office.”

Donald Nelson – Retired Market Researcher
“There will come a time, hopefully in the next couple of years , when the US Supreme Court will be forced to say that it either erred in hearing Roe V Wade or should have voted it down. When that moment comes, each State will have to say that the pro-life laws that were on the books prior to 1973 need to be re-implemented. We need someone on the State Supreme Court to declare that these pro-life laws that once restricted abortion are once again the law of the State and then the US Supreme Court will have to say that they are the law of the land.”

Paul Bartlett
“I am so glad he is running for the supreme court position. I have long thought that he would make a good, position holder what ever the position. I think his youngins had it right, that each generation must have good leaders. I just wish I were half as good as him.”

Craig Ownby –  Precinct Chair Tarrant County Republican Party
“I have known Rick for many years and know him to be a strong constitutional conservative, family man, and someone who will do a great job on the Texas Supreme Court!”

Moriah Humphries
“I support Rick because of his wonderful understanding of the constitution. He knows what he is talking about and he is right. He is a Christian man who shares my values. He knows the history of the nation and understands what our founding fathers sacrificed for this nation.”

Melissa Taylor – Business Owner
“He believes in persevering freedoms frame and ensuring the touch of freedom will be passed down through generations.”

John Pipkin 
“He is a man of integrity that will stand and make decisions based on principle.”

Mark Garrison – President/CEO-MG Constructors & Engineers, Inc.
“Our family and friends support Rick Green because we know from his long and revered history in the legal, educational and professional arena to be a true and honest citizen and statesman, who has proven to be trustworthy of the U.S. Constitution. We desperately need leadership from Men and Women with Ricks integrity, knowledge and ideals. I can’t endorse another person as much as I believe in Rick Green! “

Kathleen Moore – Sales
“I support Rick Green because he will defend our rights lawfully and honorably.”

Stacy Goodman
“We are quickly losing our American values that our forefathers served, worked, fought and died for. We need men and women willing to stand up for our constitution of the United States!”

James Munke Senior 
“I believe Rick Green would make a fine Supreme Justice due to his background.”

Lorraine Gloede
“I support Rick Green because I have heard him speak several times in Delaware and commend him on leading the Patriot Academy across our country. I believe him to be a highly-principled, lover of our country who will make Supreme Court decisions based on the Constitution.”

Sandi King 
“I watched you on television when you taught the Constitution along with your family. I believe if anyone knows our rights and the Constitution better than you, it would be Mr. Barton only. I also believe we need some good men to be judges on the Supreme Court, men with integrity and grit who will fight for the cause and not make their own rules.”

Alexander Thomas 
“I have been a supporter (especially with prayer) of Rick Green and Wallbuilders. I will do my utmost to help out with your campaign for Godly Liberty and Justice in Texas and in the U.S. May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

Harriet Smith 
“He is trustworth and very knowledgeable about state and federal government affairs. I have heard he and his family make a presentation on the constitution and bill of rights and I have purchased some of his literature amd books. They are excellent! You have my vote, Rick!”

Keith Kalman – Retired Colonel
“He’s strong conservative and constitutionalist!”

William Miller 
“Because of his belief in God, our founding fathers ideals and the Constitution of this country as written.”

Jennifer Harris – Homeschool mom
“Personal experience when my son, Matthew, who worked with him and he spoke at my son’s graduation and my best friend went to his church for a season. A wonderful person! I also love all his teaching materials on the Constitution.”

Marissa Tharp – Business Owner
“I strongly believe in what Rick Green teaches as values. How important it is for this country to stay connected to what it was founded on; God, free enterprise, and the Constitution. That is why this country is so great. He and his family are an inspiring group of people that this country needs. If we the people are to have a great leader, who TRULY fights for this country and [for] which it stands, its Rick Green, his family and the teaches of the Patriot Academy. Thank you Green Family!”

Kurt Chaffee – Pastor
“I think Rick would be great for our country as a statesmen with sound judgement to lead us to a Godly foundation!”

Julie McCarty – President NE Tarrant Tea Party
“I can’t think of anyone better for this role than Rick Green! I can endorse him with no hesitation whatsoever.”

Mike Brasovan – President & Conservative Activist
“It’s hard to imagine there being a more qualified candidate for this race. And by qualified I mean someone that knows the law and understands the judiciary’s job in offering opinions about cases under the those laws and not to make new laws! If anyone has proven themselves to be a constitutionally minded person it is Rick Green. He has served our state and this nation well for the past 20 years and I look forward to him continuing this work as a Texas Supreme Court Justice. I wholeheartedly endorse Rick Green for this office.”

Frank Daniels 
“I stand for what he believes in!”

Tom Huth – Freelance Film Producer
“Christian – Conservative – Constitutional Patriot – Family man – Friend. Rick will interpret law, not make it.”

Steve Groom – CFO
“I believe in Rick Green, a man who I know fully understands the proper role of the judiciary in the checks and balances of American government, puts his beliefs into action and effectively communicates them to other citizens, that we might participate fully in exercising our consent carefully and thoughtfully.”

Daniel Moss – 2016 Governor of Patriot Academy
“Texas stands as a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the country. In order for this to continue, we must be mindful of the men and women that we put in places of influence. Whether it be in the Legislative, Executive, or Judicial branch of state government, we must work to elect leaders who will protect and preserve our Constitution. This election cycle, Texans have an opportunity to put a Constitutional watchman on the Texas Supreme Court. Rick Green will work effectively to restore the American principles set out by our founding fathers to the highest court in the Texas Judicial System. I am proud to endorse Rick Green for the Texas Supreme Court.”

David McCracken
“My wife Andrea and I met Rick at Dream Night on Jan 2nd and will definitely support his campaign.”

Brian Tetzloff
“I read his book called “Constitution Comes Alive!” along with watching the video which motivated and inspired me to write 100 page critique on the electoral college. The paper is written on the premise of a dual functional mechanism. I’m hoping someday to have it published for all to read. Keep up the fine work Rick you doing awesome job: both you and your family. You and your family is a blessing to us fellow Americans. May God continue blessing you and your family and all who watch your videos and read your books.”

Evan Jaax – Patriot Academy Alumni
“He is an amazing man. I have had the pleasure to be mentored and taught by Rick in multiple arenas. Each time I have talked with Rick, I have been encouraged to be a man of God and conviction, I pick Rick!”

Bill Dryden – Transportation Engineer
“Rick Green is a personal friend. He is a strict Constitutionalist – at both the Federal and State level. He is running for Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. He *WILL* be a Constitutional Watchdog as one of the Justices. He is a solid citizen and a truly God-fearing brother in Christ. Let’s work together to help him get elected so he can work hard to help all of Texas!!”

Bradley Baker
“I have been to conferences put on By WWDB and have been greatly impressed on how he acts, carries himself, and how he leads people and his family. RICK IS SUCH AN INSPIRATION. HE HAS MY VOTE!”

Reverend Nicholas Chrisoulis II – Minister
“I support Rick Green because he is a Godly, God fearing man of integrity. And any man who puts Gods first will have Gods supernatural leading and blessings in his life. Jesus Is Lord over the Green household!”

Stephen Vannelli – Production Supervisor
“I have had the opportunity to meet Rick, his family and hear them speak. I greatly appreciate the depth he goes to in order to speak the truth of our founding fathers. To understand what this country stands for and to freely and willingly stand out, stand up, and teach others is a great service to our country. For that I thank you and support your cause.”

Carol Sewell – Founder of G2G (Generation to Generation)
“Rick Green is a man of principle who knows, understands and respects the Constitution and the rule of law. Rick will not stray but stay true to the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution. He will make rulings based on law and not on his personal beliefs. He is has devoted much of his life to teaching young people the truths found in the Declaration and the Constiturion and how these documents benefit every American.”

Mitchell Bosworth
“I’ve followed and listened to Rick via the Wall Builders program for years and I know he will make a fantastic Texas Supreme Court judge!”

Robert McLean
“Rick Green is a great American and backs the Constitution 100 percent. I know that Rick Green will make a great Supreme Court Justice and stand for the Constitution.”

Clayton Robbins – Project Manager of Construction
“He has always been a defender of truth and the constitution.”

Mary Brem
“Rick Green is a Constitutional Conservative. Like his father, Rick is a patriot. I believe he will represent Texas for the best interests of his family and ours. I trust Rick Green and hope you will, too.”

Patty Vredevelt – Registered Nurse/Political Activist
“We are blessed to have a Consitutional Conservative like Rick Green running to represent us in Texas.”

Mark Cole – Vice Chairman, Montgomery County Hospital District
“Rick is a Constitutional conservative.”

Andrew Graczyk – Mechanical Engineer
“I support Rick because he will apply the intended purpose of the courts to our judicial system.”