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The Benham Brothers #PickRick for Texas Supreme Court!

February 17, 2016

David and Jason have more in common than just being identical twins and playing professional baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. Both brothers have been discriminated against for their faith. In 2014 their reality TV show, Flip It Forward, was canceled by HGTV because of their Biblical views on homosexuality. Then SunTrust Banks pulled all of its properties from the brothers’ real estate company, again because of the Benham’s firm belief in traditional marriage as defined by the Bible.

You would think outrageous things like this would happen in other countries, not in America, but it’s happening right now under our noses. Christians are being discriminated against for their faith. Join the Benham Brothers and #PickRick for Texas Supreme Court if you want a Constitutional Watchdog who will protect your religioius liberties on the Texas Supreme Court!