Rick and Kara Green are passionate about involving the next generation in the political process. They have a spirited and capable staff and supporter base, who strongly believe in the principles and ideals Rick is running to protect. Check out our docu-series below, and meet the family and staff, take a peek behind the scenes, and learn what it’s like to work on a statewide campaign!

On the Trail: Duty is Ours. Results are God’s.

April 18, 2016

This morning we’re releasing the final installment of our docuseries that covered our campaign for the Texas Supreme Court. You’ll see every moment of our final day including our first reactions to the election results as we realized that we weren’t going to win. Then, and now, we know that God’s plans are perfect and… Continue →

On the Trail: The Final Hour

March 1, 2016

With Election Day tomorrow our team can’t contain the excitement! We’ve been busy the past week speaking across the state, working early voting poll locations, and even had time for a quick game of baseball. If you’ve enjoyed our docuseries and the peek behind the curtain of a statewide campaign, then please share this video… Continue →

Constitutional Minute #12 – Lives, Fortunes, Honor

March 1, 2016

Our forefathers gave us an incredible Declaration of Independence and Constitution that has created the most successful, most free, and most benevolent nation in world history. It is our responsibility to preserve our nation and to pass it intact to the next generation. Our forefathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to protect our… Continue →

Constitutional Minute #11 – Our Responsibility

March 1, 2016

Don’t be fooled into believing the Constitution will guard our country. No matter how solid the principles of our Founding Fathers are and no matter the merit of their wisdom, if we the people put the wrong leaders into power, our state and our nation will be doomed. The fate of our nation depends on… Continue →

Your Vote Counts

March 1, 2016

You’ve heard that every vote counts, but does it really? There are only 5 days left in early voting and you’d be surprised by how few votes it takes to change the course of an election. Take a friend to the polls today and remind them to #PickRick if they want a Constitutional Watchdog on… Continue →

NOT a Democracy?

February 8, 2016

America is NOT a democracy. In fact, our Founding Fathers called democracy a “mob-ocracy”. But if our nation isn’t a democracy then what are we? Does it even matter? Find out the truth and how it affects you. Remember, if you want a Constitutional Watchdog on the Texas Supreme Court that understands this key distinction… Continue →

Ted Cruz and Rick Green on the Judiciary

January 26, 2016

Do you agree with what Cruz told me about judges? If you do, then let’s start by putting a Constitutional Watchdog on our Texas Supreme Court. #PickRick “Like” and “Share” if you agree with Senator Cruz!

The Right of Self-Defense

January 10, 2016

In Texas, we take our right to defend ourselves seriously. President Obama’s Executive orders against the right of self defense are unprecedented in their flagrant attacks on the U.S. and Texas Constitutions. #PickRick as your next Texas Supreme Court Justice and protect your right to defend yourself and your family! #2A #2ndAmendment

Conservatives #PickRick!

February 24, 2016

Conservative leaders from across Texas and even the nation agree that the Texas Supreme Court needs a Constitutional Watchdog on the bench! #PickRick for Texas Supreme Court on March 1st or today during early voting. “Like” and “Share” this video if you agree! Our thanks to the courageous conservatives like Dr. James Dobson, David Barton,… Continue →

The Benham Brothers #PickRick for Texas Supreme Court!

February 17, 2016

David and Jason have more in common than just being identical twins and playing professional baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals. Both brothers have been discriminated against for their faith. In 2014 their reality TV show, Flip It Forward, was canceled by HGTV because of their Biblical views on homosexuality. Then SunTrust Banks pulled all… Continue →