The Team

Paul and Sarah Hastings
Campaign Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Originally from: Lago Vista, TX (Paul) and Derby, KS (Sarah) Paul-Sarah-Engaged-52

Bio: Paul is a serial entrepreneur and has launched and consulted on multiple ventures. His passion is to enable others to fully develop and utilize their talents. Paul is the former Director of Public Policy of the Texas Home School Coalition and is the producer of an award-winning film.
Sarah is passionate about music, education, and kids of all ages. She is a private piano teacher and homemaker.

Why are you here? We love that Rick supports and stands for Biblical principles. We are excited to support someone who is not afraid to fight for what is right and will help preserve freedom for our children and grandchildren.

What do you do when you’re not campaigning? Paul and Sarah enjoy spending free time traveling, thrifting, and hanging out at Panera.

Dream car: 15 passenger filled to the brim with happy children.

Educational background: Paul and Sarah were both home schooled K-12. Paul graduated from Thomas Edison State University, and Sarah graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in PK-12 Music Education.

IMG_0385Rosemary Graber
Deputy Campaign Manager/Field Rep Coordinator

Originally from: Yoakum, TX

Bio: I come from a pretty big family. I’ve always been one that wanted to keep the peace and when it comes to working in politics that can be interesting…..and at times, super hard. But I am up for the challenge. I’m loving every minute of life in Austin, well ok, maybe not all of the traffic, but otherwise it’s a great city to live in, be young in, and grow in!

Why are you here? I love getting to work with other Patriot Academy alumni!! Hardworking, inspiring, young people who are on fire to fight for traditional values and the principles that make America great! And I’m here to convince Texas to #PickRick on March 1st!

What are your future aspirations? My dream job would be White House nanny for Caroline and Catherine Cruz once their dad is elected President.

What do you do when you’re not campaigning? I love babysitting, roadtripping, binge watching Netflix, swing dancing, hanging out with friends, exploring the Texas Capitol and instagramming.

AJ and Kayla Rohrer25
Political Director, Executive Assistant

Originally from: Billings, MT

Why are you here? Rick Green is a man that has earned our respect. It started out with Rick teaching to a large business crowd that we were in, then we eventually attended Patriot Academy. We have learned a lot from Rick. The more we learn about this man, the more we are sure of his integrity, convictions, and servant’s heart. Rick is one who is willing to give his life, fortune, and sacred honor for his country. He will stand for the truth, no matter what opposition faces him.

Bio: Kayla and AJ met in January of 2012 in Bozeman, MT, were engaged near Seattle, WA in January of 2015, and were married in May of 2015 in Bozeman, MT. They have a home in Billings, MT, and are active members in their local church. Kayla is a co-owner of AJ’s business, and they both have full time jobs on top of that. Together they plan on being peacemakers in their families, and raising children of their own. They love people, and hope to be a positive influence to anyone that they come in contact with.

Fun facts: Kayla’s love language is FOOD! Kayla has written 2 novels. AJ and his Dad do fireworks shows that are choreographed to music for his friends and family. AJ IS NOT TICKLISH. Kayla and AJ love to swing dance together.

12074994_866364910126750_4231479572736573488_nTrey and Alexandra Green
Deputy Campaign Manager, Social Media

Originally from: Laurel, DE (Alexandra) and Dripping Springs, TX (Trey)

Bio: Trey is Rick’s oldest son, born and raised in Texas. He graduated from Liberty University at 17, and has recently gotten married to a girl from the North. His interests include: business, law, politics, firearms, self-defense training, baseball, Star Wars, his wife, and reading books. Alexandra is Rick’s daughter-in-law, born and raised in Laurel, Delaware. Her interests include: being a mother one day, writing, voice acting, acting, languages, politics, self-defense training, guns, her husband, and reading/publishing books!

What do you do when you’re not campaigning? Trey is currently in pursuit of his Masters degree, which involves countless hours of studying and preparation. He also likes to participate in various business ventures. Alexandra, in her spare time, works as a voice actor and writer for various projects online. She’s also in the process of teaching herself multiple languages.

What are your future aspirations: Our life aspirations as a couple are threefold: 1) To honor and glorify our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ through our marriage, our actions, and our fruits. 2) To raise a family of patriots. 3) To effectively help restore the American dream through our own activities in business, politics, and culture as a whole.

Ashley Franksashley franks
DFW Field Representative/Graphic Design

Originally from: Kalispell, Montana most recently. But I grew up in America’s Finest City: San Diego, California.

How did you get involved in the campaign? Wow. Well, I attended my first Patriot Academy back in 2007, which is when I met the adorable Green Family… Who knew over the course of the next 8 years, we’d become such wonderful friends! If Mr.Green hadn’t asked me to be a part of his campaign staff here in Texas, I’d still be a part of the campaign from Montana. There wasn’t any way he could keep me from being involved. I believe in my friends and the cause that much.

What’s your job description? I like to say that my job title, wherever I am, is coordinating people’s happiness. And to some extent, I’m doing that here in Texas as well as being one of two field reps for the DFW Metropolitan Area. Talking to people… Connecting people… and listening to the stories they have to tell. Always making friends. Other responsibilities include designing campaign materials… Logos, signs, stickers, flyers, social media posts, you name it! Love the color scheme for this campaign. #gogreen no, wait, that’s not right… #pickrick!!! McKenzie and I also take responsibility for team morale. In general, we try to make our “homies” laugh at least once a day in the group chat.

mckenzie taylorMcKenzie Taylor
DFW Field Representative

Originally from: Woodinville, WA

Bio: I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! My family is very tight knit, patriotic, and pale. Charts, lists, and tasks are my favorite. I enjoy running, learning, writing, Myers-Briggs-ing, and people.

Why are you here? I moved down to Texas from Washington because I genuinely believe in the cause Rick is running for. And when you’re working with a team of people you love for a cause you believe in, everything else tends to fall into place. Also, Texas. I love Texas.

Fun facts: Christmas is my favorite. I resemble a giraffe. I drink a lot of coffee. I wear sweaters, almost exclusively.

Educational background: I was homeschooled through high school, did some dual credit work, and am now finishing my history degree through CollegePlus and Liberty University.

Evan Jaax1460306_1511497839117394_2083335179750270359_n
San Antonio Field Representative

Originally from: Colorado, living in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

Bio: I am a highly extroverted, highly competitive, and extremely spontaneous person. I grew up in rural Texas, on a Ranch in Bandera and I have always loved the outdoors. I am an Eagle Scout. I am a high school debate champion. I am an ALERT Responder. My faith rests firmly in the God of the Bible and I love being around people. Currently I am the Sales Manager for a ProDefense Pest Control. I love fitness, photography, writing, Krav Maga, music, and doing dare-devilish things.

Why are you here? I am passionate about defending the liberty and morality of America’s great past. Rick Green has always inspired me to do more, know more, and be more. I feel like I am a soldier in an army of patriots, and am thrilled to fight for Rick.

Dream car: 2016 Camaro, it sounds just too manly.

12112021_10153614855564820_8995102064113547902_nColton Haas
Houston Field Representative

Originally from: The Woodlands, TX

Bio: I am passionate about politics and people. I yearn for the moments to engage in dialogue with folks very different from myself. I hope to one day make a career in educating my generation on things happening today.

Why are you here? I am here because I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By putting Rick into office, I feel we can best preserve those timeless principles.

What is your job description? I am a Field Director. I serve as the front-line campaign representative; the person voters talk to when the candidate is somewhere else.

What are your future aspirations? My dream is to one day have either a TV or radio show with the purpose of entertaining and educating millennials on political issues!

Matt Howerton12045557_1076072915736154_2990053944745772229_o
Houston Field Representative

Originally from: Cypress, TX

Bio: Matt Howerton is a political activist and conservative leader in Cypress, Texas and the Greater Houston area. Matt interned for Ted Cruz during his campaign for U.S. Senate in 2012 and was later hired as a field representative on Greg Abbott’s 2014 Gubernatorial campaign. During this time, he was elected Precinct 442 Chair for the Harris County Republican Party and Chairman of the Houston Republican Liberty Caucus. Matt continues to advocate for free markets, civil liberties, and a constitutionally-limited government.

Why are you here? I am here to stand with Rick; to uphold conservative principles, defend the Constitution, and keep Texas free and prosperous for the next generation.

Fun facts: I love dogs, smoothies, and football.

11828701_865657170136189_5638072896089216657_nAustin Griesinger
Austin Field Representative

Originally from: Waxahachie, TX

Bio: I am an Eagle Scout, Patriot, and Constant Source of Nonsense. My biggest skill is comedic relief. I believe that everything in life is worth enjoying, especially through laughter! I love rock climbing, camping, baseball, and stuff. Just all the stuff.

Fun facts: If I had to be an animal, I’d be the Koala. I mean, you get to sleep 23 out of every 24 hours and eat from a food source that basically no one else wants. That’s the dream, right? I love to laugh. If you make me laugh, I like you. I have a wealth of useless informations about movies.

Dream car: One that doesn’t break down.

What are your future aspirations? I want to own my own construction business and have a family!